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1.  這次的UI 美工之後介面,雖然說很新鮮,但是用起來卻不是很人性化。



2. 有些怪物模組被我們殺死後,會出現模組撕裂現象,會導致電腦很LAG,可以修正嗎?



3. 每次擊殺玩怪物的經驗值可以不是直接顯示在怪物頭上嗎,尤其是打神殿四防禦,怪從正面來的時候,用 BOLTOR PRIME 射殺,一大堆經驗值就給我擋住怪物視線。



4. 還有每次都要去倉庫查看自己的VOID KEY,為什麼不像是我每次去VOID開遊戲就能看到我還剩下多少鑰匙。



5. 你們遊戲引擎的程式,是不是有些程式碼寫得太冗長? 跑起來明明畫質還算普通,跑起來卻有點LAG,是否能優化一下?



6. 可以做一個黑名單查詢介面嗎? 看看哪些是我忽略過的人? 不然設定忽略又不能查詢有點怪異。



7. 兵工廠在做些東西的時候,以前都會列出我們目前擁有多少個,現在卻都沒顯示了,UI介面好,但使用卻很麻煩。



8. 緊急任務,如果緊急任務有給特殊獎品或是RARE MOD,至少也用個圖片顯示一下他給甚麼吧? 現在都直接文字敘述的話,像我公會有人看不懂英文,在以前他點擊緊急任務,該緊急任務如果有 Orokin catalyst bp ,至少還會有圖片顯示,現在則沒有,相比之下以前則比較淺顯易懂好用。







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Given my grammar is not enough so I direct hit Chinese

Also please include

1 After this UI art interface, although very new, but using them is not very user-friendly.

After 2 module is we kill some monsters will appear tearing module will cause the computer very LAG, you can fix it?

3 kill every monster play experience can not be displayed directly in the monster head right, especially playing Temple four defensive, blame came from the front, with BOLTOR PRIME shot, a lot of experience gave me a monster block the line of sight .

4 there every time to the warehouse to see your VOID KEY, why is not like every time I go to open the game VOID able to see how much I have left the keys.

5. your game engine programming, is not too lengthy to write some code? Run up obviously fairly ordinary picture, run up was a bit LAG, whether to optimize what?

6. can do a blacklist query interface it? See what I had to ignore people? Otherwise they can not ignore the query set a little weird.

7 Arsenal are doing something, we currently have will be listed before the number, but now they did not show, UI interface is good, but it is very cumbersome to use.

The urgent task if there is an urgent task for special prizes or RARE MOD, with at least one picture shows about what he gave you? Now have a direct narrative, then, it was like I do not understand English Society, before he clicks urgent task the urgent task if there Orokin catalyst bp, at least there will be pictures show, now is not, is relatively easy to understand easy to use compared to before.

ez translated.

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