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Still Selling Arcane Helmets! Also, Latron Prime Set / Bleeding Willow / Firestorm / And Malignant Force

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Latron Prime set for sale 35p 


Firestorm (Ignis, Ogris, Penta) 25p


Malignant Force Cicero Mod (Rifle) 25p


Bleeding Willow (stance) 20p *have one left*


and here's my list of Arcanes ready to sell (new additions are marked):


Aura (Trinity) *new*


Flux (Nova)


Phoenix (Ember)


Scorpion (Ash)


Thrak (Rhino)





PM me here or on PSN to talk prices and when you can be on PS4 to do the deal! 


PSN ID=Forum Name: SilentStep79 capital esses


thanks in advance

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