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Update 14 Ship Thoughts & Discussion


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First of all I just want to say thank you so much for the new Update 14, I am enjoying it alot and each DE should feel proud of themselves. Now on this Topic I will be sharing my thoughts on the ship and the dogs each as I can and what I think should come next.



The Player Ship: As being a massive nerd when it comes to space ships and technology  The player ship is the best part of the update that I enjoy, it is easy to use and fun to be inside and is much better then just floating around in cyberspace, from the ship AI to each modules of the ship such as the foundry and the start map is wonderful.


Now there are a few things that I suggest that whuold be great additions added onto the ship, the first is to allow the UI menu to be smaller and to be less then an eye sore.


The 2nd thing I whuold like to see is the ship AI to have more speech and talk to you more, such as giving you updates on messages in your inbox, alerts, what he thinks of last mission and where your at, and hell even just to  ask if your ok and how you are doing. However to stop him from over talking and get annoying allow the choice to turn off the AI.


the 3rd thing I will like to see is too add more detail and color to the ship, I already kown where  will be an outside color thing but I whuold like alot more deep customization in the ship, also to make the ship a bit more bigger but not too large. Just enough to hold maybe 3 players at once.


Also the choice to warp to any region without having to choice a mission whuold be nice too, also lastly an Dojo docking station and cut-scene will be great too, like when you fly to a mission.




The Kubrow:

Even that I  just got him, I think adding more things to do with him such as play with him such as fetch in your ship or teaching him tricks whuold be nice, I'm not sure if you need to feed him and water him but that whuold be a nice addition to make the Kubrow more alive, also im not sure if they have a mood meter where they will be sad or happy but the less you play with him or even go to see him his mood will change, this will also lead to feeding him and watering him too.


Also looking after your pet comes with rewards, but if you feed him alot he will stay more loyal and love you more maybe getting small buffs that last hour, also maybe give him/her freedom to move around the ship as well and not stuck in that one place, dogs get under you feet and yes Its annoying but who can stay mad and a fluffy white dog :3




Well that's as much I can share not much I kown but its something, now keep in mind each suggestion and thoughts are my own personal opinions and not to be taken seriously or as something that needs to be there. 




Anyways thank you for reading my topic and hay DE if you read it too gives me a replay on maybe your own opinions!







P.S Also if you see any spelling mistakes or so then sorry!, no one is perfect! so keep that in mind before posting.

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