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Crashing During Missions + Freezing (Specs)


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Been constantly crashing whenever trying to do a mission, seems that it is a video card failure (as the computer fails in the same way when I try testing Heaven Unigine with an unstable overclock). I dropped all overclocking on my video cards to make sure that it wasn't that. Currently the game is unplayable for me, hoping that a solution is found. 




2x EVGA 660 TI Sli ( Latest NON-Beta drivers)


i7-4770k @ 3.9 Ghz


8 Gb 1866 Mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro Ram


Temperatures are stable at well within reasonable bounds.


Please help D:

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When u 14 my game crashing  every 15 min when i try  to set options on low and 800x600 res but game still crashing he like freeze and crash, and that loading screen lags very much i loading like 4-7 min to one mission can anyone help!!!!?

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