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Hey Tenno!
It's my first time writing here on the forum but i got to do it because i have a big problem going on right now!


Since always i played Warframe with the initial message "Open ports 3962....", but still i was able to play with no problem at all..(because the ports are actually open)


Now, after the U14, i get the same message as always, but now its really impossible to play.. every defence mission i do, everything i play.. after a while the game freeze a bit, then the host migrates, and i'm back in my ship.

EVERY. TIME. Now thats a pain in the ***!


I'm starting to think that somehow is related to the initial message that i get about the ports problem...


What do you think??Thanks!!!


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Not just you really, something changed in the game I believe since anytime the host leaves it seems to simply drop everyone who was connected... even in normal missions. Now every mission seems to behave like a void mission... and I hate voids because of that bullcrap. Hopefully they fix this soon, and whiled theyre at it maybe they can figure some alternative for the voids instead of dropping everyone and losing tons of progress.


Sucks that you DC a lot though, but yea its not just you, and not just with that single instance but a wider problem entirely.

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