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Getting A Kubrow Egg: What Does It Drop As?


So as some one whos failing to get an egg due to the stupid RNG(>.> we're looking at you, DE) on them and hearing all these lovely stories of "i got one on my first try :D", im wondering what they actually appear as when they drop.
Do they drop as a Nav cord? A material pod? A faction material pod(blue one)? An affinity orb? An old pink blue flashy orb(old school BP item)?
This way people like me can actually know what the hek their looking to pick up and help waste less time slaving away for this thing.

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I did 30 runs before seeing one, it was on top of the den. Make sure you jump on top of it cause it camoflauges pretty well, prob miss it a few times without realizing. Not sure if carrier helps...

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