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Teammate Not Reviving?


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I've run into this twice now, both times in the same mission type with the same warframes.


A teammate of mine goes down so I go over to revive them. Everything goes as normal and I stand over them with glowing waves of green healiness pouring from my palm. The revive process stops and it appears they're good to go, so I run off to start fighting again.


Problem is, they're actually still down.


Thogh it seemed like they were getting up, they've returned to their downed naimation with the bleed out timer above their head. If I go back and start the revive process again I can get them up, as can any other nearby teammate, but this false revival has almost caught me twice now.


In the two times this happened the following was the same:

-The mission type was Orokin Derelict Exterminate

-The downed player was Nyx, and I was Valkyr

-In both cases I had decaying dragon key equipped, and they had a key equipped as well

-I had been using Hysteria while reviving, and had sentinel revive shield mod equipped

-There was no disruption to the revive (I did not get pulled, blasted, staggered, knocked down or otherwise interrupted)


It has only happened twice out of the times I've revived teammates. An easy explanation would be that it was a case of me letting go too early, but it wasn't. I was holding the key down until it released on it's own, with the revive animation ending, the revive counter above their character disappearing after reaching completion, and them appearing to start getting up.


Has this happened to anyone else since the update?

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