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[Rgqt] Raaagequit Recruiting


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We are a clan that has been around for about a year now, we started as a clan composed by members of our RGQT community(http://www.rgqtgamers.com/) as the game was intriguing and new.

Over the year most of the members stopped playing, so now we are here looking for people who are willing to join.

We are looking for players that are over 18 years and that are willing to use Teamspeak as communication method.

We have a Dojo with all the reserch labs and every technology reserched, trade post etc. our Dojo is divided into four floors and a fifth one is currently in progress.

What we want, is fun. We will help clan mates in trouble, may it be for questing, farming, levelling.

If intrested please let us know.


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