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My Experience With U14 So Far...


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Hello my fellow Tenno I hope everyone got pass their first day with U14. It began for me waiting like everyone else on Thursday hoping beyond hope it would come at a decent time. I tried to stay up but 1:30am (West coast time) came and I just could not stay up anymore.

I got up the next morning, updated with no issues and began my game and probably like everyone else had to fight through all the crashes and login issues. Once pass this I choose not to go through the prologue because I wanted to get to experience my ship right away. The first thing I noticed was the feeling of how claustrophobic it felt, like I had the feeling of having to duck my head or having to keep my arms close to me.

Getting around the ship was no issue having the ability to press escape to get to all the stations quickly is a nice touch. So now onto getting into a mission, though the UI looks great I actually found it not as friendly and quick to use as our previous one. It seemed I had to click on and off more than I really wanted to do it did not give me the impression of being as streamlined as it should be.

In mission I really liked the fact you could look during mission what you have so far which is great if your looking for something specific. I like the end of mission screen lots of good info. I also bought a Kubrow starter kit and like most rushed him.


Now I understand DE wants us to "experience" what is the immersion of taking care of a companion but I take issue with not having a choice if I want to engage in this initial experience or being able to rush my Kubrow through to maturity. I also take issue with the lack of information regarding the care and DE's absolute refusal to give any in regards to maturing times. Which I find ironic when I have many times called DE on logic and been told that it's a game and sometimes design trumps logic. I understand these are organic beings but we should have the choice of weather we want to rush them like we do anything else we build in the foundry.

I know some of you may complain, "but if you rush everything you'll complain later we have nothing to do" In some cases you may be correct but not all people feel that way. Rushing things does not spoil the experience for me if anything it enhances it because I can get to it and I can start having fun. I also noticed after about 15 hours my Kubrow degraded 20%, and he had done nothing but lay around my ship, what is up with that? So this is my experience so far, I have not done the pvp conflict yet but I hope to try that today. All in all I think DE put out a great product with this update, they really went all out in their work and service for us and I am very appreciative of it, I count myself lucky to be playing a game where you can actually communicate directly your feelings and thoughts and be acted upon. Sure the game has some bugs but what game doesn't. Thank you DE for all your hard work you do for us.  

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