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The Stamina System Doesn't Particularly Mesh Well With Blocking.


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This is a concern I (and many, many others) have talked about before, about how the Stamina system does not particularly work well with blocking


The reason (or at least the reasoning I have) is that it simply costs too much, most of the time leaving you in a worse position that before. 


This is even more apparent in the newest melee weapon, Silva and Aegis, due to how much stamina is drained just from using the shield. 


What I would like to see is having the stamina drain from blocking heavily reduced, or some kind of mechanic or something where Channeling reduces stamina cost/reflects some damage back at the cost of a steady reasonable drain that is activated while blocking.

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 In my opinion, simply changing Warrior's Grip to function on all blocked hits instead of just melee registered hits would work nicely.


 As it stands going "Sword Alone" against anything above level 40 is ill-advised unless playing a frame with an invincibility mechanic.

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