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Hall Of Mirror's Bug


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I was in ODD and using Hall of Mirror's in combination with Phage. I got to wave 15 with no problem.


Hall of Mirror's ran out so i casted it again. This time it crashed my game when i shot my Phage.

Is this a known bug? Anybody else know how i can fix this problem?


I had the same problem with Penta and Angstrum.


Thanks in advance!

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iv been seeing the same thing happen with my friends computer, mine as wel, but his is plenty beefy enough to handle this game. not sure what could be causing i. iv had it happen with every weapon i use: phage, boltor prime, drakgoon, akmagnus, acrid, mutalist quanta. yes, i know a couple of the weapons i listed generate a lot of particales to render (drakgoon and mutalist), but the akmags and acrid will eventually crash the game just due to the amount of shots being fired. iv also had it crash while running hall of mirrors and then casting prism, game crashed out on me and my friend as soon as the prism came out.

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