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21:9 Resolution Problem.


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Using 21:9 resolution kind of works now since U14...but only if you press Borderless Windowed mode to get the resolution (2560x1080 in my case) and THEN press Fullscreen mode.

You do not get to see 2560x1080 as option for fullscreen unless you set it as bordlerless first.

This is a MINOR bug, but once you get around to fixing it...that would be great ^^

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I have the same problem. I'll try to post screenshots tonight on this, but the horizontal edges of the pause menu not reaching all the way to the sides, is the big problem I have.



TBH, there's only a handful of 21:9 monitors, and I know of I think two 21:9 laptops on the market. It is nice that it has any support at all now.

I think the problem atm is just that we basically expect what any of us would be playing on to be supported, be it older machines or the newest biggest stuff. And, additionally, not just supported, but taken full advantage of.

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