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Which Prime (Or Dn) Melee Weapon Has The Best Dps?



Out of the Prime melee weapons and the Dragon Nikana, which one has the best DPS?


I currently use the Dual Ichor and while the damage and coptering ability is great, they are ugly as hell (in my humble opinion). I want something that looks awesome, but still does big damage that is easy to use like the Dual Ichor.


I heard conflicted information that the Dakra Prime WITH Crimson Dervish has the best DPS and that the Dragon Nikana beats it WITHOUT Crimson Dervish. I haven't heard much regarding Bo Prime or Fang Prime and am interested in seeing if they are able to eclipse the other two (in DPS).


Thanks so much.

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The best prime weapon, or rather, the best meele weapon is Orthos Prime.

Dragon Nikana is 2nd in my list.

Dakra Prime takes the 3rd place.


While Orthos Prime doesn't have the highest single target DPS, its slide attack is what makes this weapon the best ingame.

Dakra Prime shines in its insane single target DPS output. Since you get a 200% attack boost for certain Crimson Dervish combo's.

Dragon Nikana is something in between the Dakra Prime and Orthos Prime. While it has a good DPS output and its slide attack is similar to the Orthos Prime slide attack, it lacks in range, compared to Orthos Prime.

If Dragon Nikana's range was atleast 90% of Orthos Prime range, this might have been the ultimate weapon.


If I'd have to rate them on a scale of 3:


Orthos Prime:

-DPS: 1

-Range: 3


Dragon Nikana:

-DPS: 2

-Range: 2


Dakra Prime:

-DPS: 3

-Range: 1

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