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Crawling infected and mine dropers


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I feel like both these types of enemies are completely useless... and just semm to do nothing but to be a extra enemy on the screen.

Crawlers are nothing but incredibly slow infected wich will most of the time not even have any way of reaching you, and if they do, they don't do much, even the paralysis that one of then does to you is not much( they can actually bug your game out too, one of the defense missions i did a crawler didn't manage to get out of the door on time and he made the whole mission get stuck on a certain point). I feel like all these crawling enemies should be made as a not as common but not move rindered enemy, and having then move around like the others would actually make infected levels more tricky, because right now it's basically a stand still and keep slashing for their levels basically.

As for mine droppers i don't know if they are supposed to be really damaging you or just to annoy you. Their mines deal almost no damage at all, i went trough all the ones he droped and i didn't even lose 200 shield from it, and their explosion range is extremely small and so is the dectetion range, you litteraly have to walk on it for the thing to blow. If there's one thing he excells at is making low end PCs slow, because i'm pretty sure having the whole screen littered with explosions makes then a tough enemy for low range PCs.

I don't know they just semms a way too underpowered compared to the rest, and just semms to slow down the pacing ( since crawlers during defense missions are there just to make the level last longer, and those flying robots are just annoying to shot at). I feel like a little boost to then would be necessary to not render then completely useless as they currently are.

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