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Forfeit Rewards When Quiting The Game



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Any mods, resources and exp (I think) will be lost if you quit a mission as opposed to finishing it.


You also lose your void key if you quit the mission after the objective is completed in a void mission.

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I think the OP is referring to a message that is popping up when you are in the player ship and try to quit the game itself outside of a mission.


It tells you that you will keep progress but lose rewards.


Edit: not too sure what it means myself, I'm getting that same message.

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I assume it's just a bug. I saw that while doing the Vor's Prize quests and I didn't seem to lose anything. Since then I haven't payed attention so I don't know if it still shows for me.

Edit: I'm talking about, as Gumfighter said, being in the Liset.

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