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Melee Combo Bug Or Intended?


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Okay, so here's the story. Basically before U14 If a combo was laid out like... E-E-PAUSE-E-E-E-E etc, for people that struggled with combo-ing (like myself since I mainly play loki and trying to combo while invisible is impossible you could simple hold "S" for the pause prior to the combo. What this would do is since it constantly was causing a pause you could mash E and when the pause would register. For example, Instead of E-E-PAUSE-E-E-E-E It would be.. -Holding S- E-E-E-E-E-E now I know some of you will be like "That's cheap, l2 combo newb etc" however, keep in mind not everyone has perfect frames, not everyone plays classes that are visible etc. Same trick worked for forward combos, blocking combos etc. However, after U14 none of these no longer work and has thus made melee unplayable for me (which is incredibly disappointing) 


Was this intended, or simply a bug?

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This affects me a lot on more frames than just Loki (Ashe and some others which you can see but don't have clear animations).


Have you considered sending this to [DE]Rebecca to be asked on a live stream?

I'm really glad you mentioned that, No I hadn't thought of that nor did I even think about Ash, great point! I will defiantly submit this to her. Thanks for the advice!

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