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So.. Why Not Go Off The Deep End With Kubrows?

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Let us ride them into combat if we craft a saddle.  We can mount and dismount, and you can even add a special explosive tipped lance weapon or heavy turret mounted on their backs.

Why stop there?

Let us ride them competitively and make warframe into a competitive Kubrow Racing game, we can build racing tracks in dojos and allow people to bet on which Kubrow will win.  Let us breed them for racing.


Jousting Tournaments.

Cyber Kubrows would be fun.  If one gets injured you can either heal its meaty bits or make it into this:



If it dies let us take its brain and put it into this:


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Doubt they'd fit through the doors on missions or your tiny ship :/


What if they can transform like the Transformer where they fit a bunch of outside parts into a more compressed version?

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