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How Awesome Is Mirage?


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Its good, like, one of the most usefull frames i would say, you can put 4 clones with her first power and max power str, use an ogris or any explosive weapons and go to maybe like wave 150+ in ODD alone.


I just reach 125 and go out because i have to go to the bathroom.


her other 3 powers arent bad, but I would say her 1 one is her more powerfull atribute.

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I'm her groom and she's my broom. She swipes the bad guys in one swoop, takes care of the ship, the damn dog, files a tax return and bakes cookies, all at once (Mirrors is that good)

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Mirage is the bomb!!!


1.  She's STYLIN' - the first warframe that I kept the base paint job as is

2.  She's FAST - maybe fast as Loki

3.  She's TOUGH - has shields that level up very fast - don't have to take a mod slot for shields or health

BUT most of all ...

4.  She's A COMPLETE PACKAGE - she has the most integrated set of special abilities of any warframe - even Loki


The Disco Confetti Ball of Annihilation is the most fun animation that DE has come out with yet!


Hey!  Hey DE!  Yeah, youse guys up there! 

Don't listen to these naysayers about Mirage being OP

She's definitely the best you have come out with yet!

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