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Vors Prize Auto Complete For Those Who Skipped,


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OK when U14 first came out it was buggy as hell,
now during this time i was kicked out of the game several times,

all of these times it asked me Skip or continue, one time i accidentally clicked skip,


so i skipped it, i was not too bothered by it, assuming it would be like all other prologues,
you can replay them again right? wrong, it seems(at-least for now)once skipped you can never access it,

this i think is a problem, i think if you choose to skip you the game should auto complete it for you,
so you can play it again, in most games like this, you always have access to the tutorial even if you skip it,

so please DE give all who skipped it the option to replay it as we could before U14?
as well as show it in the codex as if we had completed it?


you used to be able to replay the prologue pre- U14,
and this is also about Auto completing it for those who skipped

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to be fair, they did make it known that you wouldn't be able to replay the prologue

BEFORE you clicked skipped prologue it was typed in big letters that you currently can not replay the prologue.

It was on your screen with the two giant boxes that provided your choices.


DE has said before that they want to make it to where people can replay these things along with rank up tests and past event mission types. 

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Just to handle this topic i've made a post previously about this (check my profile's history) and it was confirmed this is only temporary. I know i wanna play it as well, but we have to wait while bigger issues take a foothold


Good to know then, I'll pass that along. 

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