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Carrier Infested Spreading Entire Defense Tilesets With Poison.


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I don't really know where to put this because there's no "enemy" feedback but carrier infested filling the entire defense area is insane. I don't know how you're supposed to handle this without massive life steal, a Rhino or a Valkyr. I understand you wanted to break up the Vauban instawin defenses but Infested carrier AOE fields make it so you can't otherwise stay and defend without dying unless you have some sort of massive sustain

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I have ZERO issues dealing with Mutalisks, I don't see what the issue is... Hoenstly, they NERFED them as well, I can actually hit them with melee now :(


Just use a Hitscan on them.

You always could so not sure how that is a nerf.



I haven't noticed them being a problem in defense, it looks like they reduced their numbers and made the fart attack have a longer windup. They were also getting sucked into the vortex I put on top of the pod.

they always flew past my vortexes tbh maybe that's just me

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