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Controller Sensitivity Issue (Horizontal Vs Vertical)


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I know someone's probably have created a similar thread, but this needs more of a push.

Yes I understand that I am in the gross minority of players that use a Controller to play Warframe, however there is a persistant problem of the insanely unproportionate sensitivity on the controllers. Its around 2.5:1 speed of horizontal to vertical movement.

The horizontal movement (even on the LOWEST setting) just FLIES around in circles, where as the vertical movement is more normal compared to other games. Is this something I have to change in the game files? or is it just a general problem?

The problem is, (ofcourse) it messes with my aim, and there is no work around. The sensitivity bar only increases the ratio equally. Please fix this, I'm sure you wouldn't take someone at DE but 5-10 minutes, and at most an hour or 2 to fix it.

If anyone has any means to fix this, I'd love to get a response.

P.S. NO I cant fix it in my controller set up, as that does not help at all. And I dont even have that option in my controller set up  =T. 

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