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Hotfix 14.0.2


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Hotfix 14.0.2 (PSA: Header of Forums will be updated shortly, I know it still says 14.0.1). 


PSA: Still large quantity of 'can't progress' in Vor's Prize quest reports that are being actively attempted to fix as we speak. 




Fixed 'Confront Vor' phase of Vor's prize not being completable if player already had Mercury unlocked. 

Fixed players being stuck in Vor's Prize quest after completing the Comms Recovery tutorial mission, the navigation context action will never activate.

Temporary fix for pausing game in Solo missions while hitting ESC.  

Fixed 2 crashes that would frequently occur frequently in Infested missions. 

Fixed potentially infinite Kubrow spawns on Earth after Host Migration. 

Fixed water textures looking far too reflective and blue. 

Fixed UI not showing amount of Void Keys (and Keys in general)  in inventory or on Solar Map. 

Fixed ‘Sell all Duplicates’ Selling all Fusion Cores. 

Fixed 'foundry segment located' VO playing after it was picked up if player approached the segment when not looking directly at it. 

Fixed Nyx, Banshee, and Hyrdoid's toggle-able powers being broken by pause menu. 

Fixed Rhino Prime's Iron skin not being gold.  Did not seem to work. 

Fixed issues with ESC menu UI being cropped at 4:3 aspect ratios.

Fixed scrolling of mission rewards with Mouse Wheel.

Fixed mission names getting cut-off in UI. 

Fixed Ordis Kubrow dialogue spam.

Fixed 'owned' counter in Foundry not showing up. 

Fixed false 'you got an Egg!' lines in the Howl of the Kubrow quest when you had not received an egg. 

Fixed Dark Sector missions not being playable Solo.

Fixed Platinum Coupons not showing up in store until relog.

Fixed filtering of max ranked mods in mod collection screen. 

Fixed crafted Warframes requiring relog to receive ability mods.

Fixed distance based transmission VO triggering after objective is complete.

Fixed heavy defenders spawning in sabotage in the tutorial

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