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Hotfix 14.0.2


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I just noticed a weird thing ... I have Split Chamber maxed out in my inventory, but in the codex it's undiscovered.

That is also the case for other mods as well.


Maybe just an old bug, but I never noticed it before.


Gosh, this thread is full with "Hi" and "Thanks" spam - guys, post something useful :-O

Go to fusion and select display max rank mods, that's how I fixed that.

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It is, only its like .01% drop chance, just got my first drop today

Then I suggest a change.

We abduct two kubrows of both sexes, get 'em to mate, take eggs and flush the kubrows out the airlock.

Or... We search the den Before We Smash it to Pieces!

Seriously. There's a ton of kubrows but next to zero eggs!?

When's their mating period? Once each spring year?

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