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Great Hotfix


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Let the people who got banned for no reason continue to be banned, messages involving kubrow eggs and vor's little prizes are top priority.


Jesus Christ unban my friend and anyone else who got banned.


Also, mods, go ahead and hide it immediately, I know you will. Just furthers the fact of incompetence, damage control, and how the devs priorities are godawful.


And no, I'm not talking about the kids who got banned for spamming in the global chat, I'm talking about the people who got banned for playing the game.


I'm calling the devs out. An explanation for leaving these people banned while you are leaving your fanbase in the dark entirely about actual important things would be MUCH appreciated.


My friend who gladly paid for things is losing faith in this game and the devs at a severely rapid pace.


Also, since he's banned from the game, he's banned from the forums as well so he can't voice his anger. I'm doing it for him because it's garbage.

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no people got banned for spamming chat and they got banned until monday. DE doesnt ban for no reason. before U14 came out..there was a TON of people spamming region chat on main accounts as well as alt accounts and they all got what they deserved. they even said it in RED LETTERS that if you kept spamming chat that you would get banned. and if you tried to do a ban appeal...they would look at it and laugh at you. so your friend got his just deserts. also guys dont feed him. his friend lied to him. point, blank, period.

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There were also some people banned for spamming chat with the main and alt accounts.
There were people banned for spamming support messages about the update, as if that would make it come faster by spamming the support people with tickets.
There were people banned for spamming the mods personal inboxes.

There has not been a single confirmed case of being banned for anything else recently.

So your friend lied to you and did one of the above and got banned for it.

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Guys, there´s a significant amount of people who got banned for no apparent reason (Not related to the chat spam and after U14 release).

darthdart if your friend got banned he or she should submit a support ticket, not complain in the forums where you can´t do anything. If he got banned for a reason they will probably let you know and the ban will stay, if he didn´t get banned for any reason his/her account should be restored.

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This isn't regarding the chat. It is about the exploit of the orokin catalyst alert.


But if they were banned because of chat then they deserve it.

From the OP's description in the other thread, I'm assuming there was a way to get more than 1 catalyst from the alert through invites?

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Calling out that people were banned for no reason on the forums does two things.

1.) Makes you look completely sketch
2.) Makes people hostile towards you

What it does accomplish towards getting unbanned:


File a ticket, nobody on the forum can help you.


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