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Thoughts On New Xray Vision/phantom Mode


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I don't really know what else to call it, but I'm sure you all know what I mean. In case you don't, I'm referring to the new feature where when one of your fellow players is obscured from view (say, by a wall), you see a glowing blue phantom version of them, as if seeing through the obstruction. I imagine this is to help people keep track of one and other and it's a good feature and idea, however I think it could use some serious tweaking.


Basically what I've observed is that probably 80-90% of the time, any given fellow player shows up to me in phantom mode. This can be a bit visually jarring and generally looks out of place. It's also harder, for me anyways, to tell more or less just from the silhouette who they are, especially if there's more than one of the same frame in the group.


Also, to be perfectly honest, what's the point in all these cosmetics if so often I'll just be a blue phantom lacking most of the detail I've put so much effort and plat into?


Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying let's get rid of the feature, far from it. I like the feature as I've got a pretty bad track record of keeping track of where everyone's gone and I tend to get left behind, all I'm saying is there's a few relatively minor tweaks that could be made to make it both useful and not a nuisance.


First of all, if there's any minimum range on it (which I don't think there is), it should be enlarged. Maybe only start phantoming player models after, I don't know, fifty meters? At least twenty meters. Second of all, if this is at all possible, raise the bar on how much of the player needs to be obscured before it occurs. I keep seeing fellow players who happen to have a foot behind a barrel in phantom mode and that's... not really necessary. Third, and probably easiest, is just give us the option to turn it off.


Just my two cents.

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