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Are The Volatile Runners Meant To Do This?


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I am ware of the new changes affecting the infested race(I read the full U14 Update list), but here is what botheres me. I am well aware of the marvelous ability of the volatile runners to explode upon death and dealing aoe damage but, while I was running some Dark sectors in search for resources, i found out that blowing them up with my ogris causes them to produce an explosion so strong that it would take away something like 15-20% of the cryopod's life, therefore in the middle of the second wave i failed the mission because my pod was distroyed(PS i was using vortex all the time and no enemy managed to touch the pod at least once). I have restarted the mission to conduct futher experiments. It turns out that if I let the volatile runners explode on their own, they barely sratch the pod. Please let me know if this is meant to happen , but if not please fix it.. because if you add this to the rest of the new infested abilities, then it will be impossible to do more than 5-10 waves in any dark sector defense...

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Not sure anymore it really penta/ogris or that Mprime explode.
When I do vortex, then some penta user kept shoot the cryopod it dont get damage(wave 4 no enemy touched cryopod).

Pub sechura- accident location.

btw I still hate my vortex buggy when on client(ball placement&color)

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