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Mirage Mirror Image Damage Glitch


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So going through a T3 exterminate I was using Mirage with Mirror Image and Eclipse and realized I was hitting only red crits.


My build included a Soma with Heavy Caliber(6), Hammer Shot, Point Strike, Split Chamber, Serration(7), Vital Sense and Critical Delay.

 Mirage had Energy Siphon, Natural Talent, Blind Rage(6), Narrow Minded(7), Continuity, Streamline, Redirection(8), Intensify, and Eclipse.

PS Sorry about calling hall of mirrors, mirror image

*Update: Doing T4 and just one shot vor with over 400k damage, sadly no screen shot!

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It's not just red crits, the damage itself is boosted massively for some reason aswell. Been doing hits I shouldn't have ever been able to see with the set-ups I had. Ex. A barely modded Embolist, doing around 20-40 dmg on Earth mobs for me. The mirages were doing around12k dmg every tick with it.

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