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Kubrow Ability Mods!


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Why hello there, recently I've been doing nothing but loving my baby Kubrow, Blizzard. I have a Huras Kubrow, the one based around stealth and takedowns, and I was searching around in my mods, and I noticed these babies -




I don't know about you guys, but I'm a little upset that they went for mods instead of inherent traits. Apparently in addition to the other ambiguous Kubrow mods, there're also specified Kubrow mods for the other types. Post in the comments what other types of mods for the different types of Kubrows! Maybe even other types of mods for Kubrows.

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The Sunika Kubrows get Savagery and Unleashed. Sabagery let's them perform finishers and gives them increased finisher damage; it's also, disappointingly a copy and paste of the Sahasa mod Ferocity. Unleashed enables them to hold priority targets down which...doesn't seem all that useful, since I don't play capture too much. Though it may be useful if it can be used on just regular, high ranking enemies to make them easier targets.

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