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Mirage Fixed Without Hotfix? How?


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I am just really curious, all those insane crit damage was based on some server side?

It was still buggy just after an update, tested after a 20 mins after downloaded update, and now this bug is gone... withoun any hotfixes... how?


i am talking about this bug 





more screens 




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From what I saw it was a client side problem (as in being a host or not). Could've also been a silent fix from 14.0.2.

i was in game entire time after hotfix... thats what strange.


and i joined survival mission with my firend, he invited me form already started game, so i was not host

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Made a run on Lares not more than an hour ago with my freshly Forma'd Soma and any time I used Hall of Mirrors my copies were doing 17k red crits.


Also did some of the Infested Invasion missions on Mars earlier and in one game my then Rank 20 something (modded) Akzani, were doing a whopping 2 (two) whole damage to pretty much everything when using Hall of Mirrors :P (Copies were.... not me, I did some 100+times that damage)

Maxed out and running solo, the copies don't seem to do as much damage as I do... though I haven't played alone really since I got her... and when I have I haven't given it any thought.

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