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Save The Kubrow


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Alright, I can see that this Forum is currently showing quite a bit of angst over the Kubrow Egg drops. However, I am on the verge of pulling my hair out after I rushed the egg incubation only to find out the there is NO INDICATION whatsoever of when the Kubrow will mature. Therefore, I am led to believe that there is an issue since I cannot find any maturation time length around on the forums, the Wiki page, or in-game. 


Please add some indicator to the game allowing us to know if and when our Kubrows will become something other than a useless hairball sitting in a corner which will magically glitch to the center of the Liset.


Thank you for your time,



Edit: After another search on the Wiki page, it says maturation time is 36 hours, but I still believe that some indicator should be in-game, and also a way to rush maturation due to the fact that it is almost a total waste to rush Kubrow incubation, as you still have a day and a half to wait for it to bother to mature and become useful.

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