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Clan Emblem Designer?


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I'm bored. Warframe new updates floods my mind. I need something else to do instead of warframe-ing. I think I both, can and wan't to make and sell clan emblems. This idea is inpired by someone (RaiZu). If you guys can tell me whether this is not prohibited (copycat) or it's bad to do so (copycat). RaiZu's Clan emblems are awesome and nicely done. While I can't make a bit lower than average. I'll just sell the cheapest as I can as I'm still in learn of makings.

Contacting Me :

Steam: SAI_Stereoheart
Facebook: Muhammad Syahril (www.facebook.com/AidaIlyanaTrueLover)
Garena: SAI_Stereoheart

I'm very active on Steam and Garena, but rarely on Facebook. I don't make emblems and post it, I'll take requests.

(P/S:Need tips on theft on clan emblems)


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