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A Friend And I Had A New Idea For A Warframe Called Raganrok


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his powers will be based on ways the world could end and he would be a middle weight warframe his first power will be him crashing meteors on the enemies the second would be a earthquake that would cuase sharp rocks to impiel eneimes the third would be raganrok calling forth magma form the ground the forth power would be a defense based power where he sheilds himself and nearby allies form in coming gun fire with a pillar of volcanic rock if we get enogh support we could get concept art going and hopefully get the DEs to put it in the game 



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so Armageddon frame if you want that give me idk 15 minutes ill write one up for you just give me a yes or a no

Name: Ragnarok


Health: 125 (375)

Shield: 90 (225)

Armor: 115

Speed: 1.05

Energy: 100 (150)

Polarity: 2 V

Aura: D

Prime: D


Abilitys (temp names)


1 Meteor Strike (25): Calls down a meteor to one spot doing 1/2 blast 1/2 heat damage to enemies in a 2/2/4/5 range with a total impact of 100/150/200/250 damage area that was hit is super heated by the impact leaving the ground scorched enemy's that walk through this area take 75/100/125/150 fire damage over the course of 10 seconds. Increasing power strength will increase the damage of the meteor, increasing range will increase the size of the meteor and the impact area after effect, increasing duration will make the impact area last long doing more damage


2 Cataclysm (50): The ground shakes and cracks in front of you in a row 9/11/13/15m enemies that walk over this stumble but 4/3/2/1 second later 3/4/5/6 shards of rock(/metal/glass depending on the area) shoot up dealing 300/400/500/600 impact/slash damage to enemies in range Ragnarok then smashes the rock sending 4/4/5/6 fragments from each rock hitting nearby enemies in a range of 50m doing 75/125/175/225 puncture damage per fragment.Strength increases the damage from the shards, fragments and amount of fragments, Range increases the crack size along with the amount of shards.


3 Magma armor (75): Surrounds yourself with magma reducing incoming damage by  20/30/40/50%, enemies that melee you take 200/300/400/500 heat damage incoming bullets have a 10/17/24/31% chance to be melted by the magma reducing the damage to 0 and healing you by 15/20/25/30% of the damage it was suppose to do, lasts for 10/15/20/25 seconds. Strength increases the damage melee attacks take duration increases how long it lasts, the reduced damage, healing, and change of healing cant be changed.


4 Armageddon (100): meteors crash down randomly in a 12/15/18/20m range (10) small meteors hit the ground doing 125/175/225/275 damage breaking into 2/3/4/5 smaller meteor chunks that do 50/75/100/125 damage all in a 2/3/4/5m range (5) medium meteors hit the ground staggering enemies doing 200/300/400/500 damage in a 6/7/8/9m range that area has dust and dirt kicked up clocking tenno that walk inside it for 5/6/8/10 seconds and making enemies attack allies while inside the cloud, (2) large meteors knock down enemies in a 8/10/12/14 range dealing 400/550/700/850 damage on impact and causing lava to flood a range of 5/6/7/8m slowing down enemies inside by 10/20/30/40% and doing 75/100/125/150 heat damage every second for 7/7/8/9 seconds, Ragnarok is stuck in a casting animation and is open to attack till all the meteors fall which take about 5 seconds. Strength effects damage of the meteors and the abilities of the large and small ones, range increases the size of the mediums dust cloud, duration increases the time for the dust cloud and the pool of lava.


Ok all done

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... great introduction....


theres so many things wrong about this thread.

(wrong section bud...) go to the fan concepts....

or just ask for it to be moved...

and 4 posts in a row... theres a button called the edit button....

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A cataclysmic frame sounds cool, but those powers are all pretty heavily heat based and we have ember for that. What about a cleansing flood that knocks down enemies and removes buffs and auras while removing allies' debuffs?

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