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Is There A Chance For Dual Ether's To Proc Every Element In The Game Or Just A Bug?


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I'm leveling up my Dual Ether's and at random there's a chance when doing a combo with Swirling Tiger, I see every status element icon pop up (2 rows) followed by a huge loud explosion and 0 shields on there end and they die.


Is this a bug or supposed to happen?

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It's a bug, I believe it's with the Swirling Tiger stance specifically, because my Dual Zorens are doing it, adn someone reported Dual Kama doing it




Just to clarify for people that doubt this. there's a very loud BANG noise, and the most perfect ragdoll I've ever seen.


EDIT the second: Also, Even though it's a bit wonky in the image, yes, there *WAS* every proc, my Dual Zorens are ONLY modded for Magnetic, simply because I love how it looks, and nothing to do with the infested.

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