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The Dojo Is Broken, These Are The Things That Need Repairing.


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U14 is a big update, and has messed up a few things in the dojo. So at some point I hope these things get addressed:


-The decorations in the starting room have fallen below the floor

-Color has changed to be warmer, and less blue (not really an issue, just something I noticed)

-The water in Juno Garden is green, all the water is altered as well

-The infinite climb hack is gone (also not an issue, but some architects, including me would like to see it come back)

-No longer able to place decorations in duel rooms, this was a really nice unofficial feature to the duel rooms that added depth and made pvp way more interesting.

-Joining the dojo is much harder, and when host leaves everyone is booted.

-Don't know if this is an issue yet because my kubrow is still a puppy, but I hope kubrows will be able to enter the dojo with me so I can show my clan-mates. Also better remove the possibility of dogs entering duels with you, you know just nip that in the butt right now.


On a side note I was expecting some new rooms to be added for ships and kubrows, like a docking bay and dog park/living area. Kinda disappointed they didn't appear but DE works hard and I know they need to prioritize other stuff right now.

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