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[Forums Feature Request] Quick Report Button


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I suppose I should start off with a little info of how I (personally) spend my time on the Warframe Forums.

- 50% Browsing

- 35% Reporting threads that need to be moved to their proper section

- 10% Getting back to the area I was after reporting a thread that needed to be moved to the proper section

- 5% Other


Now, on to the actual topic. As you can see from the information I posted above, a large chunk of my time is spent not only browsing the forums, but also has something to do with reporting threads that were either placed in the wrong section intentionally or because the forum user did not know where else to put it. I admit, a feature like this is mostly for the convenience of myself and a small (or I assume small) group of others like myself that go around doing this. Currently, when reporting threads for whatever reason, the cycle typically follows:


1) Open Thread

2) Read Thread

3) If it has questionable content, volatile content, or needs to be moved, Report Thread

4) Make Report and send

5) Get redirected back to thread that was reported

6) Cycle all the way back to the subforum to look for something else that may need to be reported


When going through this cycle, it isn't much of a problem if you are limiting yourself to the first page. But when you are going through two, three, four, five pages of a subforum and reporting things, this can quickly become a hassle that can easily be solved by having a Quick Report function when previewing a topic. It would look similar to this rough mock-up I did in two minutes (outlined in red):



Most threads I have encountered are short and concise enough to be read in their entirety while previewing from the subforum itself, so adding something like this would speed things up drastically when going on through the entirety of the forums itself as I regularly do on a daily basis, and may also help out the others that do the same. For threads that are longer than the preview can show, we'd simply go through the cycle listed above.


It may seem small, but I believe it'd help the process a lot.

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Feedback is noted. We are also discussing internally on how to better manage General Discussion so as to better manage reports. GD is the biggest problem area where the majority of threads posted there are in the wrong section (despite a pinned guide on where the right ones are).

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