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Seemingly Infinite Loading Times


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The title says it all - seemingly infinite loading times.


More details:


So, everytime I join someone's game, anyone really, I seem to load into the game after I've died and been resurrected several times by the almighty pasta god. This has NEVER happened before. Not until U14 I must add. Everything was fine, everything was nominal until U14 was up. What's more, is that when I connect with someone who lives in the same state as me and we've got the same connection settings and whatnot, the problem still persists. 


Also, I've talked to my clanmates about this and they also confirmed that this is happening to them; screen freeze during weapon level ups. That's right.


Here I was, trying to level up my stuff then all of a sudden, I hit a new level, then my game freezes for a good 10-15 seconds. I'm just kinda sitting there like wat. 


These two are the problems I've had since U14 was implemented. Not happy.

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