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General UI:

1. Character is blocking the view of the new UI. Of everything: http://i.imgur.com/1ahJawm.png || http://i.imgur.com/59M5AII.png || http://i.imgur.com/e15La3e.png

2. Clicking on chat opens things in the background. Still not fixed from previous updates.(Try clicking on multiple chat windows with the planets in the background.)


Mission/Multiplayer UI:

1. You can't cancel a vote for a mission or leave once someone has selected the same mission and started the timer

2. Players can sit in your lobby and cancel vote to start indefinately, or until you leave. There is no option to "kick" - you must leave and recreate the lobby.

3. You can't leave a squad until you pick a mission and start the timer, which can be delayed and reset, preventing you from leaving (see 2)

4. Players can now select the void mission if you select it first, and start the timer. There is no option to stop the timer (see 1)

5. You can't choose private/solo/invite/public until you hit escape, and go out of the mission menu, instead of choosing directly from the mission menu

6. Setting the game mode to "invite only" prevents the ability to invite players to void missions

7. 3D menu objects clip through most things: http://i.imgur.com/kEDuvj8.png

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