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Loading Screen Woes


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I have noticed several problems related to the various loading screens since the release of U14. The most major of these is that the game will occasionally have a message saying please wait, even in the login screen, that seemingly never goes away, forcing you to close the game through task manager. While I have had this happen before U14, I only had it happen once or twice, where as I don't think I have exited out of the game properly since U14's release because of this (and other) bugs. Another is that, when in the mission loading screen with the ships, you can freely move around in and interact with the map, being able to fire, switch, and reload weapons, open doors, use abilities, etc. all without being able to see anything. This has also happened before U14, but never with the regularity (maybe every time?) that it has since the release. Another, slightly more minor bug involving this same loading screen is that whenever a new player joins/ship appears, there is a massive framerate drop. 

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