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Hello there just wanted to give you a least of bugs I found. I wrote it in my text log, so not sure if I should start different topics and report them or just put them in 1 whole place, so I'll just put them all in here for now. Maybe later I will separete them :


*When you go to create a custom paintjob on Wyrm there is no "BACK" button?

*When selecting EXTRA mission you go to Foundry and order let's say a Frost Helm, then when you push back it still shows a

ghost reflection of FOUNDRY.

*When I'm on a team after a game or 2 and I select a mission for a possible vote i get sometimes stuck. Someone usually

dissconnects and if all dissconect then I get stuck "looking for squad" for that mission but pushing escape or back doesn't get me

out of the planet, and i need to restart my client fully. Because when I log of/log-in i still stay selected as searching for team.

*I lower my sound to 50% in all bars I start to get a whole lot of Sounds which come at me from different angles, locations seems

they should come up. like when I'm in a different place then my team i hear Grinners faint... Is that supposed to happen? And also

shooting sounds from like 100meters crystal clear on my Tenno when the team is far behind 2 doors and like lots of thick walls...

Is that like RADIO com between us or something? and it's LOUD a lot of times its the AMBIENT sounds I have stereo

*Sometimes the Responce of jump when RUnning a wall in the went and then jumping over goes wrong. Like the JUMP responce

from hitting SPACE doesn't happen.

* sometimes I feel like my wyrm isn't' even DOING anything but messing around and hanging on to me...He doesn't give any

SHOOTing anymations is that thing really does anyting ?

*Sprint running to a fence and then jumping in front of it doesn't give you the jump you have to back off a little and then do it

again, best would be if the animation near the fence would be a KONG or a VAULT over the fence when pressing JUMP

*Sometimes when on ground but different terrain it says i'm in a jump but i'm running on ground and i can perform the Skill Jump

with Excalibur


BIG suggestions :

ADD pvp. because the Other Kill list is strangely asking me, why is it there in the first place?

some suggestions

Would be great to have a Latency Meter In-game...

Would be great to have a Keyboard control remaper in-game like pretty much every other game...

Would be great to liven up the track in the background on mission select like maybe with some Chakra music with some Scy-fi

effects would be make it even more intence

Would be great to give a preset for the Microphone to "click-talk" in the settings, because when I give it a test run, or always on it

gives me HUGE REVERBERATION! I lower my sound but still no good, I use a Mac with an installed Mic.

Would be great to have a side GROUPING rather the BOTTOM. Because when you have lots of MODS it's a great big bummer to

even find something there. So to ADD a sub CATEGORY as in for melee weapon, RIFLE weapons, Shotguns, Warframe mods, and

SENTINTEL mods, Fussion modsin in different groups would be much BETTER.

Would be great To have an IN-game Hack SYSTEM or a HACK key for some cabins which are in game, because sometimes it such

a bummer that the cabinets are all red.

To add a like a shock or something after a LONG hack you get electrecuted or something like 50% of shield or be interrpreted

after they attack you when you try to hack.

Break the COLUMS for in game chests in a smaller radius sometimes the chests break and the loot goes in a non retrivable zone.

Minor Suggestions

Maybe it would be great to have a visual responce to the credit you get on the MISSION select on the planets.

Refresh button for the PLANETS to check on the AMOUNT of people

Refres button in the PLANET to check the availaibility to join missions. Because sometimes I feel like the system is messing with


And the more you run the same MAP the less cash you get ? So it would give players perspective to mix and match.

While duo bypassing door the door doesn't go GREEN but stays yellow and opens.

Also because of LAG some doors open HALF way and you have to jump threw them to get pass :D

Connecting together the suite takes 3days? Seriously, i love that it takes time, makes it feel real, but to assimble a suite takes

time of 3 days, at least gives us a heads up what do they do it so it takes 3 days ,because I don't get it , otherwise. Better take 12


When looking coursering over planet you could see level of the missions from to. and the mission completed and mission not

Remodeling Stg Sef Anyo. he looks like a noob BOT, ordinary squad guy.

Would be great if the AFTER game moment the squad chat would auto start up. Because people don't use it enough outside

mission, for a small comment like GG.

When mission ends and they say "they will get you back to menu" you can't chat? Why not ? In the gameplay time it's hard to chat,

so why not in that 10 secs?

P.S. Sorry for my raw English. I collected the list in a session the time I played.

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