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Star Chart Progress



So I happened to notice today that I didn't have my Star Chart completed anymore, and I found the new nodes on Mercury. However, these only brought me up to 246/258. I'm not missing any nodes on any planets as far as I can tell, as I can deploy extractors everywhere. Dark Sectors probably aren't the issue, as I did a couple that I KNOW I haven't done and didn't get any progress (node was greyed out and then I did it and no progress).


Any idea as to what these mysterious 12 nodes would be?

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Same issue here, along another.


I never really fully unlocked the entire Star Chart. I also do not see the numbers you guys are talking about and I have no clue, which system is after, lets say as an example, Mercury. The UI clearly gives me no info about it and I would like to go progress from system to system in order :/

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