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[Solved] Orokin Derelict Assasination Key Missing From Foundry


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on 14.0.1 I craft the ODA Key and went to bed.


When i login on the next day (14.0.2 just a few hour before 14.0.3 deploy) there's the upper right icon show that 1 item finished in foundry. But when i check the foundry the ODA Key Disappeared and other items still in Progress.


I check the Market for ODA key blueprint. it said I still got 6 and cannot buy more.


Please check.

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Here are some screenshots


as you can see on the Upper Right Corner there's an icon showing 1 item is finished. But There's only 2 items show up in the [in progress] tab. (Hint: the finished item is Orokin Derelict Assassination Key.


[screenshot taken on 14.0.7]


Then on the Key tab where all the Key blueprints should show.... eh where is my Orokin Derelict Assassination Key Blueprint?


[screenshot taken on 14.0.3 but still stay the same as 14.0.7]


Then i go to teh market to check on the blueprint.




Me :  ... ????? <(@_@ )>??

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