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Wts Or Trade Prime Parts And Mods

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All items are tradable. Wishlist at bottom.


Prime Parts - 7pl each Prime BPs- 10p


Akabronco- Bp, and Link

Bo- Bp

Boar- stock 3x

Bronco- Bp

Burston- Stock

Dakra- Handle 2x

Latron- Barrel 2x, Stock

Orthos- Blade

Paris- Bp. String 2x


Warframe prime parts- 10 each (*unless noted*)



Frost- Chassis 3x

Loki- BP 2x (Would trade for Wyrm BP, otherwise make pl offers)

Mag- Chassis 4x

Rhino- Systems 2x


Auro- 5pl each (*unranked unless noted*)


Enemy Radar *rank 2*


Pistol Scavenger

Rejuvenation *rank 3*

Rifle Scavenger

Speed Holster *maxed*

Shotgun Scavenger

Sniper Scavenger 2x

Steel Charge


Stance Mods- 5p each, Rare 10p each (*unranked unless noted*)


Burning Wasp (maxed)

Burning Wasp 2x

Crossing Snakes (rare) 10p

Fracturing Wind (maxed)

Fracturing Wind 9x

Reaping Spiral (maxed)

Reaping Spiral 6x

Seismic Palm (Rare) 10p

Sundering Weave (rank 1)

Swirling Tiger (rank 2)


Melee Modes- 5pl each rare 8p each


Berserker (rare)

Energy Channel (rare) x3

Killing Blow 2x


Power Throw (rare) 3x

Sundering Strike (rare)

Warriors Grip


Rifle Modes- Rare 8p each


Ravage (rare)

Vital Sense (rare) 2x


Bow Mod- 

Thunderbolt 2x- 13p each or both for 20p


Other Warframe Mods- 8p each (unranked unless noted)


Anitoxin (rank 2)


Flame Repellant




Ember Prime- parts and bp

Mag Prime- helmet, systems and bp

Frost Prime- helmet, systems and bp

Boltor Prime- barrel, bp, receiver

Burston Prime- Bp and reciver

Rhino Prime- Bp and chassis

Wyrm- Bp and I dont know what the other part name is i need but i have Carapace and Cerebrum


Send me a message on the game or add me. Im on multi times a day most of the time.

PSN- OneTooMany85

Thank You!

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