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U14 Bugs I Encountered


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Here are some bugs that I encountered throughout my playtime:


For Kubrow:


Kubrow Scrambler has a chance of not changing the current color


Kubrow Starter Kit only give 1 DNA Stabilizer despite it saying DNA Stabilizer Kit which on the market contains 6 Stabilizers


For Player Ship:


Squad member displaying info doesn't reflect their actual loadouts


No alternate way of view the inventory aside from Esc>Arsenal>Inventory


Extra Venus Nav Segment, Ascaris Negator in Inventory


Accessing Dojo might freeze the game forcing restart


Unable to access arsenal after selecting a node, especially when doing mission solo


Mission Related Bugs:


In-mission reward screen doesn't show the reward credits noticeable after doing void and Sechura runs


And last but not least:


Volatile runners' explosions within 15m sphere radius (including the middle poles in ODD) have a guaranteed hit on sentinel while not affecting the player at all - This is an insanely huge blast radius and will potentially affect Kubrow playstyle heavily.


Please support and let our voice be heard


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