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What I think was just a few days after the open beta started I played it, and it ran smoothly on my toaster (ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500, Q8300, 4GB, 64-bit). The only game where I had 60FPS with Anti-Aliasing, and high texture quality.

Then I played it today, for it to run at 25FPS no matter if I change texture quality or anti-aliasing or most of the other options.

I'm just wondering what changed for it to suddenly run like S#&$, and if its possible to use the last graphics build, or even to have a small intro program to run before the game starts to choose what graphics build depending on the system.

With this game being a free-to-play, its probably best for it to run great on all machines, and an optimization or build version picker to run before the games is probably best to do that.

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