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Warframe Legacy - Ember Is Now Done, So Happy With This.


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so here it is, ive done mag and val, now ive finished ember,

and boy oh boy, im super pleased with this,

and the writing for this one, 

im just overjoyed at how the writing turned out.

so thoughts? who's next? 

till next time.







since the dawn of time. all races have looked to the new dawn,
the light after the dark, the first rays of the sun breathing through the thick mire of the storm clouds.

but  she could not do that,
hope in the form of light was not her purpose.

hers was the fire, the heat brushed against her skin,
like calligraphy , gentle yet with purpose,
strong strokes of red and orange, yellow hues that lit up the world around her.

there was no night, there was no day,
only the mesmerizing flames,
the beautiful ash trails it left in its wake.
the embers and small burst of flares.

for her, there was no dawn,
no hope in the solar rays,

merely the fire, the beautiful eternal flames,
as they danced across the worlds she saved.

for her, there was night, simply because there was no day.

only she existed , here in this moment
a beautiful slow burn that transcended things like time of day

there was only the firestorm, splendid in its display,
the burning masterpieces she would paint.

She was Ember
and to her, only fire remained

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Want more art... More letters that merge together to make words and then sentences.


It's fantastic, both the art and story.

" nervous chuckle' im working on the next they generally take a week.

and since im just going buy zephyr and mirage they have to come last, i like to get a good amount of playtime before i do the art or writing.

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