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The Moment Kubrow Dies In 1 Mission Its Gg Wp Xp


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DE PLZ FIX THIS FAST If POSSIBLE sorry for being a D but yh ...... THE KUBROW IS BUGGED if he dies in a mission he loses 40% loyalty .. whatsoever isnt a problem right?? jest pet him and all GG ... well that is bugged my friends kubrows died (from a few friends of me mine hasnt even taken dmge yet PROTECT WITH LIFE WITH MIRAGE CLONES) but you cannot get hes loyalty up by petting him  the ability is biugged is what they say (i thought i should make a post about it ) also the moment it loses 40%loyalty it wont gai nany exp anymore either so yh plz fix DE kubrow takes soo much time and love to get it matured and stuff and owuld  be a waste and a shame if it stays like this D;

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