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Valkyr's Hysteria Can Make The Game Pitch Black


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Whilst playing a mission on earth, on a night variation of the tiles, I entered Hysteria and the color correction effects kicked in, turning everything but the brightest things on the screen (light sources, the glowing claws, etc.) pitch black. Despite being surrounded by enemies, I could hardly see them and even stopped to tell my team that the Hysteria effect was too dark and I was blind at the moment.


(Prepare for unavoidable bad pun) It definitely drove home the 'being blinded by rage' effect, but in a much too literal way. If you could brighten up the effect a bit, that'd be excellent. It would keep the visual impact, but allow us to see what we're fighting still.


The screen looks like the Loki stealth screen on earthnight, apparently. Here's a permalink to a guy's post about that, with screenshots: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/262837-update-14-bugissue-megathread/#entry3066793

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