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Menu Freezes While Changing A Frame


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Oh! The freezes! Yea, I get those too. But it only happens when these things happen:


1) My Dragon Nikana levels up. Be it after the completed mission or in the middle of one. The latter is really quite disrupting as it leaves me completely defenseless! (Nothing a Rhino can't handle but still.)


2) Activate the Mod Station from either the walking up to it and interacting with it or accessing it from the menu when the ESC key is pressed.


Hope no one else is going through this. I was really scared when it happened initially but it usually lasts for a good 5-10 seconds and then returns to normal. 


I hope this is looked at!



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suffering from the same issue ever since update 14 was launched it seems to happen on my war frame equip menu and my primary weapon menu really irritating since iv not even got my kubrows yet because this bug makes the game virtually in playable hope they pay attention to this thread

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