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During Gameplay, Ui Not Active


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I recently was playing Mercury survival, Apollodorus. It happened to me twice. One was when a fifth player joined the game. I will provide an image later to show you. The other was when it happened randomly. It might of happened after I looked at the "View Mission Progress" while playing. The second time it happened, all the players' UI froze basically and the only thing active was the Life support that was being drained or regain. The first time it happened when the fifth player joined when the party was already have 4 players in the game.


I'll explain the situation as it occured. First, I invited my best friend. Then we select the mercury survival. As it was about to start (3 seconds before it started), a player joins. Then we get to the loading screen. As usual, my friend's and mine as well game slowly loads. Then a fourth player joins during the loading process. Then the loading bar for myself and the 3rd player fully loads and gets into the game while the other two were still loading. Then a 5th player joins during the loading before I and the 3rd player got into the game although it didn't show a 5th loading bar in the loading screen.Then the 4th player fully loaded and gets into the game while my best friend and the 5th player were at the loading screen. About 10 seconds after the 4th player gets into the game, my bet friend gets into the game while the 5th player was still loading. We get to about 10 minutes into surviving, then the 5th player joins. That's when the UI for myself (not any other players) froze or stopped working. Yes, there were 5 of us playing a survival game. My map, health/shield bar, player list, weapon info, timer, and indicators for life support and capsule stop or froze. I didn't noticed it until like 10 seconds after the 5th player joined. Also the damage that I did to the enemies didn't show up while I was shooting and pick-ups weren't showing up.


The second time it happened was when we got to about 10 minutes of surviving and then I checked out the "View Mission Progress". Then it took me about a minute to joined that the UI froze again. But this time only the map and life support progress was the only thing active while the rest was not working. This time pick-ups were showing, but I wasn't sure about the damage points showing up since enemies also stop showing up.


Will provide pictures soon.

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