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Hosting List For Missions


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I'm not in the minority here if i say that i'm sick of games where performance isn't exactly spectacular and i've bondered some time now why this game doesn't have hosting list for missions. Phantasy Star Online (peer 2 peer) did this 13 years ago and it worked more than well. A player could choose from a list of games (created by other players) and join them if they were public. Not only that, a player could add a description on their hosted game, that small piece of information which told players what the game was for (farming, exp so forth) 


Let's take the infamous Sechura. I want to host a game. I press Sechura and the UI gives me a choice "Host a game" or "join a game".


I want to host a game so i choose that. Now i get to create a game name, add information (what the game is for) and is the game public, solo, or behind a password) and then i'm all set to host a Sechura [Experience farming] game. Game starts and other players are free to join and leave the game when ever they want. Yes, people could join the game even during waves.


"Join a game" would present a list of hosted games on that specific mission. No more guessing how many players are on that mission. Just pick a player hosted game from the list, join and you're set.


Credit farming, experience farming, X item farming, players could host the type of game they wanted and like minded players would join them.


I would go as far as adding a system that checks the hosts hosting performance and shows it visually for other players wanting to join the game, something simple like a colored light next to the hosted games name (green, yellow, red, from good to least optimal) 

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